Shahriar Ahmadi

Shahriar Ahmadi
was born in: 1980 Kermanshah
Edward Lucy Smith – an art critic and art critic – writes about the works of Shahriar Ahmadi: “If we look at the works that Shahriar Ahmadi has created so far, we will witness his gradual departure from Western influences and his continuous Iranianization. His latest collections refer to the tradition of Iranian bibliography; But they are never direct copies, even at the extreme limit of embodiment. I say even at the extreme limit of representation, because a characteristic of these paintings is the way the pen slides delicately, representing the representation and leaving it. The great privilege of Shahriar Ahmadi’s work is his beauty and painting behavior. He has been able to translate the bold elegance and agility of Iranian penmanship in a way that works with acrylic on canvas. Borrowing from previous styles and practices is not uncommon in contemporary art, but Shahriar Ahmadi’s work is exempt from this. He borrows in advance; But he never imitates it.

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