Nogul Mazloumi

Nogol Mazloumi
was born in: 1988 Tehran
, the human body has always been attractive to me. Exploring and looking at the body, first of all from a human point of view, and then after facing a fatal disease in my family became intense for me. In the previous collection, illness, destruction and death and the physical deterioration of the body were my main concern; A body that was deformed due to illness, it was swollen, wasted and rotten.
In recent years, I became interested in comic books, and subsequently, the body category of heroes and superheroes came to my attention. A muscular and perfect body, which seems to be a necessary element of a hero. For me, this was the opposite of my work; Brilliant colors and perfect and perfect figures against the shapely bodies and the black and white space of my works. Over time, these heroes were confronted with a group that manipulates their body so much that it completely deviates from its usual form in order to achieve the same aesthetics. In the current collection, my attention is drawn to these bodies, which have been deformed to become the bodies of heroes that are presented in a complete, perfect and beautiful way through the media. My attempt is to examine these bodies, which have been obsessively manipulated and become a parody of the hero’s body image.

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