Arman Yaghoubpour

Arman Yaghoubpour
was born in: 1970 Borujerd,
long ago, nature was dominant over man and we were its subjugated, for a while man dominated it and now we have become its destroyer. Nature has been the subject of my paintings for years and I am trying to select and depict it.
I believe that the truth always has unsaid parts, and the artist chooses to portray it. I look at nature from a point of view that can be considered simple from the point of view of the general audience.
For me, a piece of stone, a tree trunk, an agricultural land and a seedling in a tin can are more important than everything that is. That’s why I am an abstract writer. In my paintings, a part of the cloth canvas is left so that the audience can see the cloth canvas, the color mass and the material used in general, and then have their own narrative of the work before interacting with the painting. Because painting is not an expression of reality but a reflection of individuality.

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