Hamidreza Andarz

Hamidreza Andarz
was born in: 1990 Tehran
Another discovery in this Art Fair (Art Abu Dhabi) was the paintings of Hamidreza Anders in Shirin Gallery from Tehran, which were exhibited by Shirin Partovi, the founder and manager of this gallery; paintings full of sorrowful loneliness and at the same time magnificent. . Hamidreza’s untitled trees are in an almost dream-like and undulating cloud-like existence, enclosed and impenetrable to any text or concept of time, as if frozen in an eternal moment. In expressing his concept about his work, the artist says: “For me, art is a substitute for a moment that is mortal and fleeting in reality, or does not even exist.” By questioning and interweaving different layers of reality clearly perceptible to ordinary eyes, these artists necessarily distinguish between seeing and the act of looking in order to observe and perceive creatively in the reflection around us.

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